Suchitra Ramesh - coach by Stephen Moriarty

Suchitra Ramesh – Bangalore, India

I began coaching with Steve at The Leadbetter Academy Seoul (S. Korea) in 2008, as an 8 year old. It has been almost 8 years since the start of this golfing journey. I moved back to India at the end of 2009 and from then on I have met Steve for training camps in India, The UAE and most recently in the summer of 2015 at Pondok Indah. Over the last 6 years I have been sending my swing to Steve and I have received feedback via online lessons and emails, which has allowed me to keep developing my swing whilst making sure I don't slip back into bad habits.

Steve has refined my swing through the years- he has given me lots of time to make the changes. I am a feel player – he has respected that and taught the fundamentals and technicals of both long and short game without changing that strength. Steve is a good mentor as well.

My game has developed step by step thanks to Steve and I have found success in both Junior Golf and Amateur Golf:

  • Under 12(2011) and Under 14(2013) category as no. 1 Junior Girl in India.
  • Represented India at Evian Juniors Championship, Evian GC (2013) and Asia Pacific Juniors, Kolkata (2013).
  • Semi- finalist in the All India Amateurs Match Play Championship in 2014.
  • Member of Indian National Squad Amateur Ladies 2015
  • 5th at 26th SLGA Ladies Amateur Championship 2015, Singapore

I trained with Steve at LGA Indonesia at the Pondok Indah Golf Course in August 2015. I shot my first under par round in a tournament at SLGA Open after that!


Mr. Usman - coach by Daniel Parkin

I've been playing golf for more than ten years. My handicap was always hovering at around 25 . It was getting frustrating and I thought golf should be enjoyable. Then one day through a friend's recommendation I went to Daniel for a trial lesson.

After hitting a few balls, Daniel was instantly was able to identify what were my problems. I was so impressed with his coaching methods I signed for a 10 lesson package. For just 3 lessons, Daniel was able to correct my life long bad habit the reverse C. During the course we worked on the everything - the grip, the swing, our posture, short games and putting. He videos and comments our swing each session and email back to us so that we can refer back again again later in the week.

Daniel is a fantastic coach, his explanations are clear and consistent. He has helped me lower my handicap dramatically. I wouldn't hesitate recommending to any of my friends - Great guy.


Mr. Yusman - Coach by David Bradshaw

One of my business mentors once said 'practice doesn't make you perfect, but perfect practice makes you perfect' and in the sports world, that is so true. Especially in LGA golf academy, I found out that they have a proven working system & method for new golfers and experienced golfer. Why I choose LGA? Because the are the only golf academy in Indonesia to have such a proven method to teach golf. I learn the RIGHT way on how to play golf and have fun at the same time. Don't waste time & money on cheaper alternatives, go for LGA. And having David Bradshaw as my coach was a right choice for me. Helpful, friendly, and obviously know how to teach and coach golf. Fantastic, keep up the good work!


Mr. Sudiawi (coach by: Daniel Parkin)

I would like to share my experience in getting golf instructions thru out my golfing life. I started golf in 2001, has been on and off till 2009 and been playing regularly since 2010. Thru out the time I have had many experiences in getting golf instructions; from an unofficial local driving range instructors, wellknown international instructors (both residing locally and flying in) all the way to class A PGA certified instructors. I was at 20 handicap back in 2014 before seeking guidance from Daniel Parkin from LGA Indonesia. As of today (early 2016) I am playing at about 8 handicap. Several things I prefer from Leadbetter Academy over the rests are:

  1. Unobtrusive approach. Every swing/setup changes were done carefully without the players feeling like they are learning from scratch. This is very important for self confidence to continue to apply the learning during a golf game.
  2. Structured teaching delivery. In the past, I have had instructors who have very good knowledge in swing mechanics, however threw everything at me all at once. With Daniel, all fixes are done one at a time in a very methodological order. This is important for easy understanding and a proper way to build muscle memory.
  3. Technology. With well equipped training facilities, technology has changed the way people learn about golf swings. Swing faults can be identified and pointed out immediately. Swing fix can be prescribed accurately.

I hope this helps you in deciding on choosing the right instructors.


George Gandranata (Asian Tour)

Ever since I started working with Philippe, my ball striking has gotten better and my Greens in Regulation statistic has gone up. The results are there as well to see - I have gotten more top 10s and world ranking points ever since I took lessons with Philippe. His vast knowledge regarding the game will definitely help golfers of all level and make the game more enjoyable for people of all skills level whether they are beginner golfers or professional golfers.


A Tribute to Philippe by Bernard Tan

I first met Phillipe de Bucherre at the newly opened Leadbetter Golf Academy at Cengkareng at the beginning of the year. After a short interaction, I decided to entrust him with improving my game. Philippe 31, a tall and young Belgian, is a great golfer. He was a scratch player at the age of 14 and applied the same intensity he had as a player to brcoming a great coach.

He is blessed with enthusiasm, a boyish charm and a pleasant personality, making him particularly easy to be with. Over the last nine months, we did three things - change my swing, improve shotmaking and focus on thinking better. A lot of time was spent in Philippe's den - filled with multiple cameras, a sophisticated pressure plate, and a computer to review the shots made - committing to a swing change.

We conversed more than we hit balls. I need to understand what we are trying to do before committing to a change. He watched me swing, showed me on the monitor and explained what he wanted me to do. He broke down the mechanics and isolated the fixes one by one. He convinced me to change my grip (painful), cock early, alter my stance with more angles (painful), encourage a greater shift to the left at impact and steepen my swing plane (painful). Bit by bit, consistency was built back into the basic swing, with the ball flying straighter, higher and further.

Shotmaking - ie the ability to shape a shot - left to right, right to left, high or low, making the ball roll or have backspin, hitting it out of different lies, out of the bunker with different flights - is the key to playing great golf. Shotmaking is more difficult and requires practice, but Philippe walked me through what was possible. He challenged me to think of five ways to get the ball on the green. A simple bump and run with different clubs was introduced, as were the flop, shot from both a deadpan and thick rough, and shots from the bunker. He has asked me to get a fourth wedge for months.

This is my Christmas gift to myself. The third segment is observing and thinking right. Seeing the shot from the hole to the ball rather than the other way around opened up a new perspective. I play the percentage game. Even top professionals hit on average 14 greens per round (hence the importance of the short game). I mentally expect a shot dispersion of 7% of the distance and therefore adjust my aiming point to avoid trouble (very very useful). I dissect the greens according to the ridges so as to avoid putting over two ridges. When putting, I think of the club face hitting the ball square. Put together, the improvement has been the most marked in my twenty years of golf.

Philippe is by far - and I mean this with little flattery - the best coach I have had. He is confident, responds to my questions clearly, influences and encourages me. I am far from being a great player but I have possibly taken off 5 strokes off my game, as Philippe told me he would. In the month of Oct and Nov, I recorded 5 under 80 games - a 77, 79 and a 78, 78 and 76 - a golden period for consistency. For those who follow me on facebook, I only post courses where I have shot under 80 rounds. I know this period may not last, but I will enjoy it while it does. So cheers Philippe, you are responsible for a large part of my improvement. But you do realise it also takes a determined and talented student too, who has now become a walking advertisement for your academy......


Bernd Wiesberger : @BWiesberger

People asked me: how did I improve so much within 18 months? Well, the biggest reason is this guy: @PhilDeBusschere THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!