The Leadbetter Junior Tour - Order of Merit

Greetings from LGA Indonesia!

We are excited to announce The LGA Order of Merit will begin on Sunday 19th March. The Order of
Merit will be made up of 12 tournaments through March until mid-October.

There will be three age categories with a girls and boys section for the order of merit.

4–7 Girls & 4–7 Boys

8-11 Girls & 8-11 Boys

12+- Girls & 12+- Boys

The points system will be as follows:

For these first 6 tournaments the points system is 10 points for the winner going down to 1 point for the 10th place finisher in each age category. The next 5 tournaments, the winner will gain 20 points and go down to the 10th place receiving 2 points. At the Grand Finale Event the points system will be 30 points for the winner going down to 5 points for the 10th.

1st Place 10 points 20 points 30 points
2nd Place 9 points 18 points 25 points
3rd Place 8 points 16 points 20 points
4th Place 7 points 14 points 18 points
5th Place 6 points 12 points 16 points
6th Place 5 points 10 points 14 points
7th Place 4 points 8 points 12 points
8th Place 3 points 6 points 10 points
9th Place 2 points 4 points 8 points
10th Place 1 points 2 points 5 points

The order of merit prize winners will win the following –


2 Hour Private Clinic with David Leadbetter

Runner Up

One year membership at Hobbie

3rd Place

10 week LGA Kids program

Any junior who takes part in 4 or more order of merit events will be eligible to take part in a one hour junior coaching clinic with David Leadbetter.
The schedule and rules are attached to this email. Please don’t hesitate to book for the tournaments!!

Email :
Phone : 021 53677111 [ Monday-Friday ]
Phone : 021 29362222 [ Saturday-Sunday ]

Kind regards
LGA Indonesia