Stephen Moriarty
Tommy Yoo
Randy Mawuntu
Stephen Moriarty
Director LGA Indonesia

Stephen grew up playing golf in England and was a student at the David Leadbetter academy as both an amateur and professional.  After successfully completing his British PGA diploma under the guidance of a European Tour coach, Stephen soon moved to South Korea to take up a coaching position at the country’s Leadbetter Golf Academy.  Whilst in Korea, Stephen was involved in the opening of three new academy locations and worked with numerous KPGA, KLPGA and LPGA players.  As the Senior Instructor at the Leadbetter Academy in Seoul he also lead corporate programs with HSBC, HANA Bank, Porchese, Mercedes and McCallan.  In 2013, he relocated to Indonesia to lead the brand’s expansion at Pondok Indah Golf Club, before becoming Director for Indonesia and overseeing three further academy locations.

Stephen is now the Director of Leadbetter Academies Southeast Asia and oversees the brand’s operations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.  Base at Laguna National in Singapore and Pondok Indah in Indonesia, he is a Senior Leadbetter Instructor with over 12 years experience with the brand and nearly twenty years of coaching experience helping to build his extensive skill, expertise and knowledge of the game.  He is a certified Trackman, Sam Putt Lab, Boditak and Swing Catalyst coach. He is one of a small handful of Level II certified Aimpoint Instructors in the Asia-Pacific region and also has additional qualifications in biomechanics and putting.

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Further qualifications: 

British PGA AA
Trackman Certified Level I & II
Aimpoint Certified Level II
Accredited Harold Swash Putting Coach
Swing Catalyst Certified
Boditrak Certified
Dr Kwon Biomechanics

Tommy Yoo
Leadbetter Certified Instructor

Tommy is a fully certified Leadbetter coach based at Pondok Indah in Jakarta, Indonesia. He joined the Leadbetter Golf Academies again in 2017 having previously been attached to them in Korea in 2006.


He is an experienced KPGA Qualified Golf Professional. He spent his early years living between South Korea and America and later began working in the golf industry at several of the leading instruction brands in the world. He is highly passionate about golf and had been playing professional tournaments all around the world including Korea, China, and the United States.


In 2006, Tommy began working at the David Leadbetter Academy at Woo Jeong Hills Country Club in South Korea. There he assisted senior Leadbetter coaches and helped organize the full-time training program. He traveled with the Leadbetter team to Australia for two of their 8-week winter training programs.


Following his time working and training at the Leadbetter Academy, Tommy went to study under Mike Bender whilst also assisting Mike with his Korean students during their lessons. His time at the Mike Bender academy enhanced his knowledge or the golf swing and taught him about the coaching philosophies that the world-renowned coach utilizes with the professional golfers he trains.


In 2010, Y.E Yang’s coach, Brian Mogg, opened an academy in South Korea. Tommy was enlisted to help with assisting Brian at his academy, working on the coaching team for both junior and professional players.


Throughout his extensive time spent at elite academies, Tommy has also continued to play on Korean National tours. He is an avid golfer and an extremely passionate coach, something which can be noticed in the positive and enthusiastic way he coaches his students.


Coaching Qualifications

  • Leadbetter Certified
  • Korean PGA Professional
  • TPI level 1 Certified


Randy Mawuntu

Randy is a respected and dedicated golf coach who has built his reputation for delivering an elite standard of golf instruction over many years of coaching in Jakarta. Randy has worked as the National Coach for the Jakarta National golf team and has demonstrated his proactive approach to coaching by attending numerous international coaching courses and completing additional certification programs. 


Randy is a level two certified TPI coach, specializing in golf mechanics and junior coaching. He is also a level two certified Trackman coach, an accredited Harold Swash putting coach, and a certified K-vest professional. These accolades further enhance and expand his extensive knowledge of all areas of the game. 


Randy has joined the Leadbetter team and is currently completing the Leadbetter certification program. He brings with him a wealth of experience and looks forward to helping golfers improve their game at the Leadbetter Academy at Royale Jakarta Golf Club.